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The Global Leader in Theatre is the world's leading video portal for theatre. Covering New York City's famed Great White Way and also London's West End,'s mission is to allow viewers online to experience the magic that is live theatre.

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Exclusive Hollywood Coverage

From New York City to Los Angeles, our Red Carpet Network team has the ticket to the most exclusive events with today's top celebrities. RCN also covers international events such as the Cannes Film Festival and the London Film Festival.

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Football is the Sport of the World

Made in Manhattan Virtu sets the standard for premium athletic clothing. Additionally, Virtu spans the globe with covering football through dynamic video features. Virtu is Football. Football is the sport of the world.

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Founder's mission
There are two things that can unite the world: Football and the media. NGC has found a profitable and sustainable way in producing the world's best premium video content online, while inspiring and transcending nationalities like never before.
Gunnar Larson, President & CEO

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